Homeowners Construction Disputes

Experienced Dallas Lawyer Providing Strong Representation in Homeowners Construction Disputes

The damage caused by home construction defects can prove absolutely devastating. You may need to spend vast sums of money to repair your home. You may have to find alternative housing or increase your living expenses. All this because your construction company failed to fulfill its obligations to you. In these situations, you do have options.

At the Law Offices of Robert N. Grisham II, we will thoroughly investigate your homeowners construction dispute claim and aggressively assert your contractual rights. Contact us for experienced, dedicated representation in the Dallas area.

Experienced, Dedicated, Result-Oriented Representation

Attorney Robert N. Grisham II has extensive experience representing homeowners in lawsuits against negligent construction companies. He has access to a vast network of reliable and qualified experts who will carefully investigate and document the damage to your home.

We represent homeowners in a wide range of construction disputes, including:

  • Failure to follow local building codes such as plumbing codes and electrical codes
  • Faulty design
  • Failure to perform according to the terms of the contract
  • Failure to monitor construction
  • Faulty construction materials or improper installation

Foundation Problems

There are strict construction guidelines and building codes that a contractor must abide by when building your foundation and home. Through a comprehensive investigation, we will uncover whether these guidelines and codes were followed: Did the contractor perform proper soil and building site preparation? Was a qualified engineer hired to help design your foundation? Did the builder bring in fill without assessing the impact it would have on your home's structure?

If bringing a lawsuit against the construction company or contractor isn't an option, and your insurance company has denied your claim, we will use our extensive insurance law experience to help you secure the coverage to which you are entitled.

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Call or e-mail our consumer law firm as soon as you know that there is a problem with your home's construction. We are a bilingual law firm representing English and Spanish speakers.