Long-Term Care Disputes

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Long-term care insurance is designed to cover the large expenses of a nursing home, assisted living center or in-home nursing care. If you purchased long-term care insurance, you likely felt confident knowing you took the right steps to plan ahead financially. Unfortunately, insurance companies are known to break their contractual obligations and deny policyholders the benefits they are entitled to receive.

At the Law Offices of Robert N. Grisham II, we are committed to representing policyholders when insurance companies refuse to honor the terms of their long-term care insurance policies. We seek to level the playing field for senior citizens or disabled individuals victimized by unlawful insurance tactics. If you paid your insurance premiums, you should not be left without the benefits you need. Contact our law firm to meet with a skilled Dallas long-term care disputes lawyer during a free initial consultation.

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Long-term care dispute attorney Robert N. Grisham has extensive experience advocating for victims of insurance bad faith. He is well-aware of the tactics insurance companies use to deny or delay legitimate long-term care benefits, such as:

  • Claiming necessary paperwork wasn't filled out properly
  • Claiming the assisted living centers didn't have enough doctors on staff
  • Claiming a nursing home did not have a full-time nurse on staff
  • Claiming a signature was missing

Insurance companies are known to deny long-term care benefits for trivial reasons at the sake of profit margins. Often, insurance companies push back claiming the level of care at a nursing home or assisted living center is more than what a policyholder actually needs. Policyholders have also been known to make a claim and then have it canceled retroactively. This unlawful practice leaves individuals without insurance when they need it most.

We have also seen insurance companies use bait-and-switch techniques. Once policyholders paid all their premiums, insurance companies have been known to wrongfully persuade individuals into a different insurance product at a higher premium. Every case is fact-specific. Our law firm is highly skilled at helping policyholders obtain the coverage they need.

We will examine the terms of your insurance policy to determine if your insurance company has failed to fulfill its contractual obligation. Our law firm is also prepared to handle an appeal, if the insurance policy has an appeal procedure clause. We offer aggressive advocacy and legal counsel to secure your rights.

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If you paid your monthly insurance premiums, your insurance company is responsible to cover your long-term care benefits. Yet, insurance companies are in business to make money, and are known to wrongfully deny or delay legitimate claims. Contact our law firm today to meet with a highly skilled long-term care disputes attorney during a free initial consultation in Dallas, Texas.