Homeowners are still dealing with loss two years after a retaining wall collapsed in a Texas suburb. Those who owned homes in The Rivermist and Hills of Rivermist subdivisions faced diminished home values after the incident and are still fighting to recoup their losses.

Unfortunately, this story covers only one of many disasters homeowners can face. In addition to construction disputes based on cases like a faulty retaining wall, homeowners may need to deal with a wide range of homeowner insurance claim disputes.

Home insurance claims

Although home insurance policies differ, most cover many different types of claims. Typically, policies cover damage caused by fire or lightning, explosion, theft and vandalism.

Some of the more unusual insurance claims that are often covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy can include:

  • Dog bites
  • Mold
  • Falling objects

Most policies cover the medical bills, and even the cost of lost wages, connected to a dog bite that occurs on the owner’s property. This coverage often extends to cover cats, snakes or other domestic animals that a homeowner may keep as a pet. Some dog breeds or types of animals may be excluded, so be sure to closely review the policy to ensure your pet is covered.

Policies can also cover the cost of mold damage, depending on the reason for the mold within the home. If the mold is connected to disrepair like a leaky pipe, it may not be covered. However, if it is the result of a sudden event, like a burst pipe, it may be covered.

Falling objects that impact a home and cause damage may also be covered. This can occur from something as simple as a branch falling from a tree during a storm to the more unusual case of a meteor falling from the sky. Regardless of the cause, most policies cover the cost of repair for these damages.

Although these broad areas are generally covered in most claims, determining what is covered under a specific policy requires a review of the contract.

Homeowner’s insurance in Texas

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Texas is the most expensive state for homeowners insurance. Those who purchase insurance should rest assured that the policy will help them cover the cost of repairs after their home suffers serious damage. Unfortunately, low ball offers and denial of insurance claims coverage is not uncommon.

Once a claim is made, a company has 15 days to issue an acceptance or rejection. There are some exceptions to this rule, but, according to the Texas Department of Insurance, a company that takes too long to pay can be held legally accountable and be required to pay attorney fees and other fines to the policy holder.

If you or a loved one is concerned an insurance company is not promptly reviewing the claim, has had a claim denied or believes the offer presented by the company is too low, contact an experienced insurance claims coverage attorney to discuss your situation and better ensure your legal rights are protected.


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