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At the Law Offices of Robert N. Grisham II, we take on cases we truly believe in and deliver the maximum effort required to win substantial settlements. We genuinely feel that working to get people the insurance compensation they deserve, taking action when homes, services and products are misrepresented, and advocating on behalf of personal injury victims are very important causes.

Please contact our law offices today if you need help understanding your legal rights and what actions are available to get the compensation you deserve.

The Network and Attitude to Get Results for You

We understand dealing with a legal dispute can be extremely stressful. We want you to have quality representation during your time of need. Some of the questions we believe you should ask a lawyer in an insurance dispute, fraud or consumer law-related case include:

  • Do you have substantial experience filing lawsuits against insurance companies, agents and brokers, contractors or others with potential liability?
  • What type of experts may be important for investigating and building my case?
  • Have you obtained favorable settlements in mediation and obtained positive results at arbitration and successful verdicts at trial?
  • Do you have a resourceful and technologically advanced practice?
  • Will you be readily available and responsive throughout my case?
  • Our law offices are configured according to this well-founded view of what delivering results in our chosen practice areas requires. Mr. Grisham has taken effective action for people facing a range of claim denials, other insurance disputes and the many challenges of personal injury over the past 13 years.

We work with a network of proven engineers, investigators, medical professionals and other experts on a regular basis. Our staff is focused on communication and managing information efficiently. Whenever you have questions or need an update, we strive to be prompt and considerate. We use modern technology effectively and maintain a bilingual practice for our valued clients who communicate best in Spanish.

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We have handled many cases throughout Dallas and other cities in the area. When you contact us for a free consultation, attorney Robert Grisham will conscientiously examine your legal issue and be open and truthful about his prior experience with comparable cases. Our goals include helping you make the best available decisions for yourself, your family and your financial future.


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