Pursuing Maximum Compensation Under Texas Laws

It can be a jungle out there, as you purchase a range of goods and services. Positive experiences with North Texas businesses certainly outnumber the bad ones, but any case of fraud or misrepresentation can be costly and stressful.

If you have put your trust and money on the line and been “burned” on a home repair or other important transaction, please contact us at the Law Offices of Robert N. Grisham II. We will provide a free, informative case evaluation with the goal of helping you take the most effective action. If you communicate best in Spanish, just let us know. We are well-equipped to work with you.

The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) is intended to prevent and deter fraudulent, misleading, and otherwise unfair sales of goods and services.

When considering whether to take legal action, it is important to recognize that our consumer laws provide for “additional damages” in many circumstances. You may be able to obtain substantially more than the money you spent, including compensation for mental anguish.

Faulty Home Repairs / Construction Misrepresentation

We take aggressive action for clients in cases involving:

  • Contractors who do shoddy or inadequate repair work on your home or business property
  • Service providers that fail to fulfill their obligations and agreements
  • Sales of homes that have been falsely advertised or otherwise misrepresented
  • Many homeowners, as well as business owners, who discovered construction defects after purchasing property and needed to take action for real estate fraud
  • People involved in a range of insurance disputes over denied claims, coverage denials and unfair settlement offers

In many cases, our extensive work in insurance law is a tremendous asset. For example, a contractor you hired to repair or renovate your home may have insurance coverage to pay your claim but not be willing to acknowledge their negligence or mistakes.

The only way to get justice may be to hire a qualified lawyer to raise the possibility of litigation. If you have been the victim and feel consumer laws may have been violated, call 214-987-0098 or send us an e-mail .


Insurance Claim Dispute? Unfair Settlement Offer? Construction Defect?

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