Are You Facing a Denied Claim or Inadequate Settlement Offer?

Has your home’s foundation, roof, plumbing or other component been seriously damaged due to a catastrophic event such as a storm or fire? If so, you want to fix the problem as soon as possible and restore normalcy to your life. You may think that filing a homeowners claim with your insurance company is a sure thing — that they will do the right thing and fulfill their part of the agreement.

Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently deny claims and offer lowball dollar amounts. They do this to make money — not to help you. You may have heard horror stories about homeowners insurance claims being denied and wanted to believe your own insurer would treat you fairly if such a disaster ever struck your home. You want to believe the insurance company slogans and jingles all of us hear. Our firm can step in and help when you have been denied a claim.

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It is important to speak with our law firm before you have any repairs. One challenge in manyinsurance coverage disputes is that the homeowner understandably wants to trust the insurer and get repairs done quickly. With foundation damage claims and water loss claims, especially, it can be important to contact us to investigate before you have the repairs done so that a proper investigation can be conducted by qualified experts and other steps can be taken to pinpoint the actual cause of your problems.

Building Your Case Through Investigation, Diligence and Strategy

Over the past decade-plus, attorney Robert Grisham has become very knowledgeable about storm, fire and water damage claims. His intense focus on this area of law also provides insight into the practices of insurers and their representatives — some of which constitute actionable insurance bad faith.

In other words, Mr. Grisham knows how they operate and what to do in a wide range of situations. It is essential to build a good case to back the validity of your insurance claim, using respected professional investigators, engineers and other experts. It can also be extremely valuable to call to the attention of an arbitrator, judge or jury evidence of a history of similar actions by the insurance company, from the hiring of the same “experts” in the past on similar claims to obtain similar results, to the denial of similar claims.

If you have a valid claim, we will not ask for attorney’s fees to pursue it. When we take on your homeowners insurance dispute case, our law offices will collect fees only when successful in recovering money for you to fix your problem.

If your North Texas home or business has been damaged and you want to take the action most likely to get results, we encourage you to contact us at the Dallas, Texas, Law Offices of Robert N. Grisham II.


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