Tornado, Wind and Hail Insurance Claim Disputes

On May 16, 2013, 10 tornadoes touched down in several communities in North Texas, leaving at least six people dead, dozens injured and hundreds homeless. Tornadoes caused damage to properties in Hood County, Parker County, Johnson County and Ellis County.

The National Weather Service reported a tornado in Granbury had wind speeds approaching 200 mph, damaging property across Hood County. Many of the homes in the Rancho Brazos Estates and De Cordova Ranch subdivisions were destroyed. The National Weather Service also reported extensive damage to homes and businesses in Granbury, Cleburne, Millsap, Mineral Wells and Ennis. Also, large hail accompanied the storm and resulted in damage to countless properties, including properties around Mineral Wells. There has been significant loss of property, displaced residents and business interruption as a result of these storms.

Despite these well-documented storms, do not be surprised if your insurance company delays, underpays or denies your valid claim. Unfortunately, after years working in the insurance industry, some insurance companies forget that they should look for ways to help their loyal customers in times of need, rather than looking for ways to deny or lowball otherwise valid claims. Denied, delayed or lowballed claims may constitute bad faith insurance practices.

Was your home or business damaged by the devastating tornadoes, wind and hail that ripped through North Texas recently? Let an experienced attorney evaluate your claim and ensure you receive all the insurance benefits described in your insurance policy.

Sometimes, insurance carriers will unfairly use exclusions in the policy to avoid payment of a valid insurance claim. They claim the damage is the result of wear, tear and deterioration; therefore, not covered by the policy. They sometimes claim the water damage is not covered by the policy because it was not caused by wind-driven rain or that no hail-created openings were visible. Also, some adjusters will claim the damage to your property is under your deductible or will simply make a lowball payment.

Anyone who has ever been through a tornado has reason to wonder how an insurance company can deny a property damage claim for policyholders. Tornadoes often cause complete destruction of the property, including causing significant structural damage that may be unknown or hidden. Such damage may not be discovered until a complete inspection of the property is performed by a qualified consultant such as a structural engineer. Tornadoes can cause racking of a pier and beam home with little visible damage to the home from the outside. Also, tornadoes can displace roof structures and leave little evidence of the damage. The damage may not be apparent without a comprehensive inspection of the property. Even without a direct hit, the accompanying windstorm, rain and hail can result in significant damage to property that may only be fully ascertained following an inspection by a qualified expert.

Legal Help with your Tornado, Wind or Hail Insurance Dispute

If you have a tornado damage claim or wind damage or hail damage claim and you have been treated unfairly by your homeowners or commercial insurance company, talk to an experienced insurance dispute attorney. Our firm helps policyholders fight to recover for the damage to their home or business. If your insurance company has delayed or underpaid your claim, or has failed to fully investigate your claim, then we may be able to assist you to recover all of your damages.

The use of independent roofing consultants, general contractors and engineers help evaluate the damage to your property. These consultants can perform an independent evaluation of the damage to determine whether the insurance company’s evaluation is accurate. From the independent evaluation, we obtain a detailed comprehensive estimate concerning the damage resulting from the storm in order to determine what is owed by the insurance company.

If your insurance carrier is denying your claims for coverage, acting in bad faith by delaying the payment of your claim or attempting to underpay your legitimate claim, we can protect what is rightfully yours. If you are involved in a significant insurance dispute and believe the company is treating you unfairly, then please contact the Law Offices of Robert N. Grisham II for a free consultation with a lawyer.


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