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Fighting for Homeowners With Water Loss, Storm Damage and Fire Claims

You purchased an insurance policy and you pay your monthly premiums. If you are faced with costly and essential home repairs or health problems, the very last thing you want to hear is “claim denied” or “your policy does not provide coverage.” It is understandable that you would be angry at your insurance company’s decision and want them to deliver on what is promised when you make those monthly payments.

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It is important to know that you may well have legal recourse when facing an unfair or unreasonable insurance company decision. Skilled insurance law and consumer law attorney Robert N. Grisham II can make a difference for you and your family under extremely difficult circumstances, including homeowners claim denials.

A Proven Resource in Insurance Disputes Over Foundation Damage

Many insurance companies have changed their insurance policies and coverage related to foundation and water claims. Although most insurance companies have changed coverage for such damage, many insurance companies still offer or provide some coverage for foundation damage resulting from plumbing leaks. Our extensive experience in this field has shown that the majority of home foundation and water loss damage claims are denied, regardless of their validity. Although insurers often write policies with exclusions that account for shifting North Texas clay, many homeowners have limited coverage. Getting your insurer to pay your claim, however, often requires involving an attorney who will secure proper soil testing, engineering investigations and other key evidence.

Many cases we handle involve “lowball” payments by the insurance adjuster. For example, we have achieved positive results for numerous clients whose homes or businesses have incurred severe damage as a result of a covered claim such as in a storm or fire but were not “wiped out” to the extent they could be declared a total loss.

We Have Helped Many People, and We Are Ready To Help You, Too

In one case, our client’s house was severely damaged by a storm, leaving the home standing but unlivable. We involved our own consulting engineer and other experts to evaluate the damage and conduct of the insurance company. Despite providing evidence to the insurance company managers that the company low balled the claim, filing a lawsuit proved to be the only way to recover for our client. After approximately a year of litigation, it truly paid off. The original insurance company offer was only about 5 percent of what we ultimately recovered for our client. Our client was able to properly and fully repair his home and put this stressful situation behind him.

Handling Health Insurance Matters for Consumers and Providers

Our firm may also be able to help you in the case of a life insurance or health insurance claim denial. If you are a physician or other health care provider in need of action against an HMO for nonpayment, we are familiar with the “Prompt Pay Act” and other Texas statutes that can support your legal rights.

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