Aggressively Holding Insurance Companies Accountable in Texas

Long-term health care benefits provide life-prolonging care to thousands of elderly Americans. However, not all insurance companies comply with their obligations. Have you or your loved one been denied a long-term health benefits claim for a trivial reason? At the Law Offices of Robert N. Grisham II, we are committed to holding insurance companies accountable for:

  • Rejecting legitimate claims because it was allegedly filed “too late”
  • Denying legitimate requests claiming your loved one was not at an
    “approved” facility
  • Rejecting legitimate claims because your loved one was allegedly not in
    “bad enough” health
  • Denying legitimate requests claiming your loved one did not send in the
    “proper paperwork”
  • Rejecting claims after the carrier requested “irrelevant” medical records

Sometimes, long-term health care insurers utilize procedures that make it difficult, if not impossible, for the claim to be paid. Insurers send wrong forms to fill out and deny claims based on improper paperwork. Claims are denied or delayed for trivial reasons such as failing to provide paperwork requested by the carrier that is irrelevant to payment of the claim. If you or your loved one was denied a legitimate claim, contact our law firm today to meet with an experienced insurance law attorney during a free initial consultation.

Long-term health care benefit policies are intended to cover the costs of assisted living facilities, nursing homes and at-home care. They are also a strong moneymaker for insurance companies. This is why some insurance companies use bad faith tricks to delay and deny claims, such as:

  • Requiring communications to be mailed within a short time period
  • Threatening claim denials
  • Requiring a policyholder to submit unimportant paperwork
  • Unreasonably requiring nursing notes to be more detailed
  • Claiming a policyholder did not submit the right information

We provide a strong voice to help policyholders take a stance against an insurance company’s unjust and unlawful actions. We have extensive experience handling a wide variety of insurance claims and know how to effectively preserve your rights.


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