Serious injuries including car accidents and motorcycle accidents occur frequently in Dallas and throughout the surrounding areas of North Texas. You soon discover you are facing a stressful and difficult recovery from your injuries and significant financial strain.

You need an experienced attorney to evaluate and to get you fair compensation. It is important that you select a proven attorney to evaluate your claim and negotiate a fair resolution. If you have suffered an injury, you may need to contact an experienced attorney to represent you in:

  • A legal action against a negligent driver to recover compensation for your medical costs, lost wages and other serious consequences of your injury
  • Negotiations with your own or others’ insurance companies to help ensure you receive the maximum settlement under applicable coverage

Investigation of Your Claim

We have experience handling a variety of serious personal injury claims, including trucking, car, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents. We have negotiated and litigated extensively to recover significant money for Texans involved in many types of car and other vehicular accidents. We have a full understanding of how to investigate your accident, gather evidence and apply timely, appropriate pressure to responsible parties in your case.

At the Law Offices of Robert N. Grisham II, we are dedicated to holding parties responsible for their negligent conduct that results in injury for our clients. Contact us now to discuss your important legal rights.

Our experience extends across the full range of serious injuries. We have worked effectively for people injured in:

  • Accidents involving vehicles and motorcycles, which often cause severe head injuries, back and spine injuries, fractures and other debilitating consequences
  • Head-on, rear-end, T-bone, sideswipe, and other types of high-impact car wrecks.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Car accidents involving uninsured motorists, intoxicated drivers, and other special circumstances
  • Negligence claims, including collisions with drunk drivers, inattentive drivers talking on their cell phones or texting while driving, and drivers who were speeding, racing or breaking Texas traffic law in general

There is no financial risk for you because we offer a free consultation and collect attorney’s fees only if we accept your case and recover a settlement or verdict on your behalf. If you feel you need legal representation after a car crash or other roadway accident, please contact us now. We offer a free case evaluation, and you will owe no attorney fees unless we succeed in obtaining compensation for you.

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Insurance companies hire experts to determine how to get out paying legitimate claims. Hire someone to represent your interest. At the Law Offices of Robert N. Grisham II, we can help you get your claim resolved so that you can move on with your life. Call or e-mail us.


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